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Simeone Museum Demonstration Day / Peoples Choice 11/30


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As many of you know, the last Saturday of each month is Demonstration Day at the Simeone Museum in Philadelphia.

On these Demo Days, 4 cars from the museum collection are selected for demonstration. There is a short discussion on the history of each vehicle

Then they are started and run outside on their 3 acre parking lot. A rare opportunity to get up close to these cars as well as see and hear them run.


The last Saturday of November is reserved for the People's Choice........4 cars are selected by popular vote.

This years People's Choice winners are:


1970 Porsche 917

1966 Ford GT Mk II

1964 Cobra Daytona Coupe

1963 Corvette Grand Sport


This years Demonstration Day is Saturday November 30th at 12 Noon.


More details are here:



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Was a great presentation.........and always good to see Z-Man!



was he wearing his "new" sneakers.... :lurk:


Wicked - Always nice to see you and Mrs. Wicked as well.


Doug - I wasn't wearing the new sneakers (thanks for asking), but I did wear them to Thanksgiving dinner.


I couldn't stay for the whole event, as I had another commitment in the early afternoon, but here are a few photos of what went on....


















One neat 'extra' for the day was that the person driving the Grand Sport Corvette, is the same person who owned it and campaingned it in the 1960's....George Winterstein.


....It's also interesting to walk the parking lot and see what people drive to these events. It was a nice day, so I drove the GT500, that was also a yellow new-gen Boss 302 whic appeared to be track prepaired, a Ferrari 360 convertible, an Audi R8, about five (no exaggeration) brand new Corvette Stringrays, a older Ford Hot Rod, a lime greem "tuner' BMW M3 with a carbon fiber hood, and I think I saw a GTR as well



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^ That works!


You can even see where I ran out to pick up one of the Go Pro's when it fell off the Grand Sport. Those things can take a pretty good bounce, and keep right on working. I need to get me one.



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