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Losing power at the track...don't think it is heat soak


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During first run group of the day, all was well until about halfway through. Then I started to have very jerky power under a lot of throttle. I thought maybe bad gas. I reflashed the car when I got back to the pit. I then took it for a drive on the highway and it ran smooth and strong.


I went out in the second session and I noticed the car wasn't pulling as hard as usual, but thought well I'm just heat soaked. But, then I noticed the car would periodically pick up about 70 hp very abruptly during a full throttle pull. Then it lose that power at the next full throttle pull. It didn't have the power more than it did.


If I was purely heat soaked, I wouldn't have abrupt shifts in power. I'm stumped. Could it be a sensor?

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same thing happened to my pfab tank. It is now sitting in the garage. I switched to the roush tank. I have seen way too many of that style cap fail. I don't know for sure but the metal would conduct / keep heat longer than the plastic anyhow? You are leaning more towards track than street. Maybe sell the pfab and that will more than pay for the roush?

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