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SmokinStangs 2014 NE Rally


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Received this notification this morning so wanted to put out there for anyone who may be interested in attending this event.










SSL 2014 - Official Dates (June 27-29, 2014) & Flyer - LET'S RALLY!!


We are excited to announce that the dates are officially set for the 2014 SmokinStangs Laconia Northeast Mustang Rally!!

On June 27-29, 2014...."



This is a Three (3) day rally that will take place over a Friday, Saturday, & Sunday in "Scenic" NH! Such as years past the city of Laconia, NH will serve as host for the rally, with motorized based events & activities occurring at both NHMS - New Hampshire Motor Speedway (Loudon, NH), and NED - New England Dragway (Epping, NH). This Mustang rally will be rain or shine. The SmokinStangs Laconia Mustang rally has special purpose, as a collective effort has been set forth to preserve such rallies in the Northeastern Region of the US. Additionally we will be universally celebrating the Mustangs 50th Anniversary milestone. In years past this rally has been frequented by attendees from various states & locals, such as MA, NH, VT, CT, MD, RI, NJ, NY, PA, & Canada, but not limited to. This 2014 SmokinStangs Laconia Northest Mustang Rally will be the 3rd Annual. The rally will be held on June 27-29, 2014 in Laconia, NH (Weirs Beach & Surrounding areas). SmokinStangs Laconia - "Not just an event...a destination!"


The 2011 SmokinStangs Laconia Inaugural event (1st Annual) was very much a success, and was well received by both Mustang Enthusiasts & the City of Laconia. New Hampshire's "Scenic Lakes Region" delivered on a promise of leaving attendees with vivid memories and positive accounts of their rally experience. SmokinStangs Laconia had proved to be a "Drivers" based rally where-as motorized activities are the predominant feature. The 2011 Rally was held at the seasons end, in early September.

In 2012, the 2nd Annual SmokinStangs Laconia Mustang Rally was another success...but unfortunately numbers were down as concerns arose from potential impending unfavorable September "Hurricane Season" based weather. Once again, the 2012 Rally was held at the seasons end, in early September. We were fortunate to have the impending storm blow out to sea just in time, but the damage was already done as many chose to play it safe and not venture out. Motorized based events & activities proved once again to be a strong highlight of the SmokinStangs Laconia Mustang Rally. 2012 included the adoption/inclusion of Drag Racing and a Burnout Competition to the rallies "Schedule of Events."

In 2013 a hard decision was made by organizers...not to have the rally, as further thought and consideration needed to take place as to the vitality of hosting such a "Three (3) Day Rally," here in New England. Event organizers took that period of time to poll, and gather additional needed information and feedback in an effort to save the event, in hopes of positioning a 2014 rally. Interestingly, with the absence of the 2013 rally, along with the additional polling and spirited discussions, interest in a 2014 event peaked. The old saying holds true...."You don't know what you've got, till it's gone!" And gone...we don't want it to be! Event organizers, Enthusiasts, and the Mustang Community as a whole have realized that this is important to the area and important for future generations to come. We cannot let events like this slip away, as they are simply getting harder and harder to come by and harder to orchestrate.

As a result, the 2014 SmokinStangs Laconia Mustang Rally is going to be unique this go-around, as event organizers have called upon various Mustang Clubs, Mustang Forums, Organizations, & Enthusiasts alike...with the hopes to "amass" a truly collective Mustang Rally, and celebration. The support from the various participating clubs & forums has been very positive, with many confirming participation & attendance for this 2014 rally, along with numerous requests to offer help, in support of the event. The number one feedback we received was that the rally should be earlier in the season. Event organizers concurred, and as a result the rally has now been moved
to now take place in June
. With the commitment & assurances provided by many, we are positive that this 2014 SmokinStangs Laconia Northeast Mustang Rally is going to be a great success, and truly fun time.
this 2014!


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We do and are planning on going. Was a great event the last time we went and are looking forward to something a little closer to home than many of the events we go to.



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