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Getting Documentation For a CSX4000


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I recently purchased a CSX4000 fibreglass car (from the late 90s I believe). However, the previous owner has very little documentation with the car. I'd like to assemble as much as possible.


Does Shelby keep this information on file / is it possible to replace?

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Congrats jfried and welcome to TS.


Not a whole lot of docs from Shelby with the CSX. Dealer who took the original order would have supplied a sales contract with options listed. Shelby would have supplied a warranty card and MSO signed by Carroll and that's about it.


Maybe try calling Gary Patterson at Shelby and ask him for direction. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.

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You can get documentation of the origin of the car, probably some stuff from Shelby American. But due to privacy concerns it's unlikely you'll get much info about the buyer.


You can try also to look in the SAAC registry book to see if owners along the way have kept the history up to date. The book is pricey but the last time I was there they had one on the counter at the Shelby American store. You can also google your CSX4xxx number. You might be surprised how much info shows up.


Another place would be the Cobra forum at www.clubcobra.com. The previous owner(s) may have participated there.


Good luck in tracking down the history of the car.


One more thing: That is the nature of all documentation available, i.e., historical. If you're looking for service info or technical manuals on the chassis/roller itself (esp wiring), forget it. There are a few threads on the technical documentation and a few people have threatened to do one themselves, but it's never happened.

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Thanks guys.


Obviously, getting service records for it isn't going to be possible.


Was more looking for things like the MSO, what dealer sold it (and if they put it together or if it was done privately), etc. Right now my insurance wants nothing to do with it, because it's titled as a 1965 Kit, and they can't verify whether it was built by a reputable shop, or some guy in his garage.


Will try Gary to see what they can provide.

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