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Team Shelby Northeast featured in the 2013 Shelby Annual Magazine


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I hope all of you already have, or are planning on getting, a copy of the 2013 Shelby Annual magazine.


Team Shelby Northeast is well represented in the publication. There are photos of us on page 18, a six page write-up and photo essay entitled "Eastbound and Getting Down" about our hosting the first ever Shelby Grand National event, (pages 40 - 45), a photo of our own John Keller flippin' some burgers on page 93, Fadi and our friend from Cali Michael McGuirk as well as a few other photos across the bottom of pages 94 & 95, and a few more pics on page 96 including Cougster, Fadi and Micheal show up again on page 105, and there are probably some others I missed as well.


Plus, Mustang Manny invites you to discover the Shelby experiance on page 145 (that will be good for a few 'comments' next time I see him).


....and some of the photos aren't bad either :camera: , but I'll have to recuse myself from further comment on that.



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