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Team Shelby Dearborn 2014


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The planning for Dearborn 2014 has already started with new partners last night! :clapping:


Our plans include changing Dearborn's venues up somewhat for 2014 - adding new visits, including one that we're not going to announce until we arrive at the destination. :sneaking:


We've also taken some feedback from members, like MSMAP (Sherri) who suggested that we move the Romeo Engine Plant tour after the Michigan Proving Ground Tour. This will insure that we get our laps in on the track and get the meet the engine builders after they being to leave work.


2014 will mark the 5th time that we'll have produced a Dearborn event! :shift:

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Great news Robert. If I can help ;let me know. Most of the folks i worked with at Ford are retired now as well but if you need someone to help with planning

or to bring some beverages or sandwiches to a meeting....

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Looking forward to it. Can we do it in February so we can drive in the snow?



A pic for a War-bird Pilot;





Think I will save up for Dearborn 2014. :victory:


Edit, to add a couple more.......




My personal favorite.....




sort of back on topic, a Mustang



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There's our EcoBoost F-150! "One of these things is not like the other...!" :)


My Shelby is finally back in one piece, and ready to road trip to Dearborn! Kstrong, your coupe twin will be there! :yahoo:

And another reason to be at Dearborn 2014. :clapping:

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