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New PB 9.99 Stock long block. tvs. drag radial 09 GT500


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Went to atco today and kicked off the morning perfectly. First pass out I went for a new pb at 10.30 @134
Next pass out I went 9.99@135 on a conservative tune.
upped the timing and couldnt get another clean pass.
Last pass of the day I got a 1.5 60' and at the 1/8 mile i was going 5mph faster then the 1/8 mile in my 9.99 pass but missed 4th:mj: Car went 137 mph

I couldnt be happier and upset all in 1 day, knowing there was more potential in it but couldnt get it done.

Mods...Stock block, Stock Heads, Stock cams, FRPP TVS, LM cnc plenum, LM 72mm TB, Kooks long tubes, Cj 123 cai, mgw, 373 gears, UPR suspension, M&H DR, FUSE FUEL and most important Jimmy LaRocca TUNE

I Want to Thank Jim LaRocca For all the help he has given me the last couple years with the car. A lot of time and energy has gone into it and it shows. Car runs like stock on the street and is an animal at the track.
Also need to thank his family for putting up with me the last couple of weeks and his son jimmy for cleaning the crap out of the car.
Want to also thank Brandon at Krazyhouse customs for letting me come in any time and take care of anything needed no matter how busy the shop was.
Last..The WIFE...For not kicking me out of the house








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