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Photos from the SAAC Show in Hershey


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Last weekend, our friends over at SAAC held their annual Fall Foliage Run. The weekend wrapped up wiith a car show at the AACA Museum in Hershey, Pa. The show is primarily, but not exclusively, a Shelby Show. It is usually my last car show of the season.


Just to give you an idea of the cars that were there, my class (2007- 2009 GT500's) must have had 15+ entries, including three KR's. There were 4 original Cobra's (3 were 289's, and a 427), at least 10 Cobra replica's, 5 Ford GT's, a real GT40, a replica Daytona Coupe (very nice build quality), 2 real 1965 GT350's (one restored and the other totally untouched), a slew of Boss 302's (they combined original and new-gen Boss'es into one class, which made it the largest class for the show), etc, etc, etc. All in all, a fantastic array of Shelby and Ford performance vehicles.


So, here is the link to my photos, and a few to show you what you missed...




























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That Daytona Coupe is gorgeous!


It really is! I hope you looked at the rest of the pics on the PhotoBucket link. I spoke to the owner about it, and can give you these details


  • It is a Factory 5 replica
  • The car has been lowered 2" from the stock ride height
  • The floor has been lowered for more interior head room
  • The headrers are all custom made
  • Many of the engine bay wires, and the brake lines, have been hidden in the frame rails
  • The underside of the bonnet has been spray liner textured and painted
  • Exposed raw aluminum has been spatter coat finished
  • The floor of the trunk ares is clear plexiglass to show off the fuel cell and rear suspension/brakes
  • It has an independent rear suspension from an SVT Cobra
  • Brakes are SVT Cobra and Lincoln pieces
  • Fit, finish, body panel alignment, all the little details, were all perfect.






Great pics... I didn't miss it ... But I missed seeing you there.... I did see your car... I got to make a point of introducing myself next time...


Please do introduce yourself next time! I always enjoy meeting fellow Team Shelby members.


Here is one pic I took of my car, and a same color stock GT500 beside it. My car is lowered, but this picture makes the differance look extream!





I've always love the "J" cars. That's a nice replica of #1. Who makes it?


I'm not sure who makes it. They were telling people it was a 'continuation' car, if anyone asked. It can't be a kit, as it was waaaaay too nicely done for that. Maybe they meant it was a Shelby continuation GT40 that they modified. I also woukd not be surprised if it was an original car that was modified as a tribute to the #1 car. I'm pretty sure the owner is Fran Kress, who is very welll known in the SAAC. You can contact him through the Cobra Country website, and he may answer your questions personally.





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Robert, and everyone else interested -


One of my friends as SAAC, saw this post and sent me the following info on the GT40, since he saw there were questions about it.


The red GT40 is a private-venture "continuation" car. I can't remember all of the details, but there was a write-up in the "Shelby American" maybe 2 years ago(?). The guy built 6 (I think) and 1 more that has the "pickle-fork"/"breadvan" look. They have serial numbers like the originals. It is a great story, and they are pretty much identical to the originals. The summer 2011 issue has 3 of the cars on the "cover". I'm pretty sure that Fran Kress has 2 of these cars (a blue one along with the red one).


I looked on-line to see if I could find the cover picture, or a copy of the article, and had no luck. Maybe one of you will have better luck.





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