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Team Shelby: Ride Around The Rock Newfoundland 2014

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Team Shelby: Ride Around The Rock Newfoundland 2014


Many of you have asked Team Shelby to produce more Shelby-based road course and driving events for the 2014 calendar year.  Along with the Team Shelby regions, we're exploring events in your region and hope to share dates and places with you as soon as they become available.
Some of these events will be exclusive to Team Shelby Club members only, however, we'll announce them so that everyone will have the chance to participate.
As of today, we have started exploratory talks about a Shelby 2014 cruise in beautiful Newfoundland, Canada - home of the famous Targa event.
Your comments, opinions and suggestions are always welcomed.
Here's some videos on Newfoundland to get you excited!


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I hope that we can do two different runs for 2014:


Dearborn to Halifax


Ride Around Newfoundland


The problem with the Canadian run (as other TS regional events) quite frankly was insurance. Now that Shelby is going to cover event insurance, we're trying to plot and plant the seeds for 2014 :dogwalk::rob_grabber:

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Will the Shelby event date coincide with Targa Newfoundland?


Somebody caught that ;) The real answer is maybe. It depends on a lot of factors.


WOW! It would be fantastic if this event could happen.

It would be great if it could tag on to the Targa Nfld too. I bet the folks there would welcome TS members with open arms.


We're checking with the government of Newfoundland and Lab. to see about Targa as well as other possabilities too.

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