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Racing Wheel or similar


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Keep in mind this is for fun not serious racing..


Have a 2008 Shelby GT/SC loaded with other goodies like Griggs suspn., Baer Extreme's, a lot of power and I ordered the car with the 20" Chrome Razors which look great, drive great and I have no intention of replacing them, but for when I want to race the car these are not ideal because I heard they can bend easy, too pretty, and too expensive to replace so I am asking for suggestions for a wheel I can use for when I am going to race the car?


Most important is it still has to look good and do not want to make any fender mods to fit wider wheels either. Not concerned with price but its not a race car so a high-end race wheel is overkill and or maybe I really shouldn't say 'race' wheel as I want another set of wheels that are much stronger, NOT Chrome that I can use to race the car even if its just another Ford Racing or Shelby wheel


Post pics if you've done this already.. thx

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