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That's always saweet!!!! I've never lost to a ZO6. I only go thru the gears from a roll at around 40mph, never done this from a dead stop. But, very satisfying. And the drivers get pissed off, they are not happy or nice afterwards. Then when you arrive at the same destination, usually OBI or captree up here on Long Island, they pretend like it never happened. :lol:

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I once raced an '05 Vette (auto trans with mods) with my then stock '08 GT-500 from a dead stop. He took me off the line but I caught and passed him in 4th gear. He "claims" to have let off the gas but no way....he knew he was beaten in the 1/4 mile. He stayed in it but I caught and walked him.


The KR has never raced a Vette as of yet.

My only encounters to date are:

- A worked 1980's Crapmaro with a snorkled fiberglass hood. From a 30 mph roll, I pulled away from him.

- Some type of Mercedes or BMW sedan. I was stopped dead at a light (in the right lane) and he was coming up to the light (in the left lane) as it was changing to green. I stomped on it as the light turned green and I estimate him going 35mph as he passed me. He stomped on it as well but I was able to reel him in and pass him. At the next light he marveled at how fast my car was. He said he tried to outrun me but was shocked I caught and passed him. He said he had a 4.2L engine in the car.

- Some rice burner with a fart can zoomed in and out of traffic and zipped passed me. We both got off on a lonely service road and he was gunning it knowing I was behind him. I reeled him in quickly and blasted by him.

- Raced two of my friends at the same time from a dead stop. One had a 1970 442 Olds, the other a 1999 Crapmaro with some "light" mods. Both were looking at my tail lamps.

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