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Im in the market for a Gt500 when i noticed on Carproof...(saved me)


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Good for you. it always pays to do your homework. You might look on the classifieds here as well as seeking out (WTB want to buy) from a member here. Some members are dealers and with a little research, you might find what you want.


I would be happy to look around where I live for one, but it might be a hassle getting it up to you. Just let me know.

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so I'm in the market for a 07-09 gt500 and i notice a nice one on autotrader (canada).




everything looks good, asking price is reasonable, dealer seems friendly, car looks awsome and a color i like. im thinking hey this might be the car for me, than i look at the CARPROOF report. and i was so surprised to read some of the stuff on it, it had 1 confirmed accident with fixed object and it has 2 other separate insurance estimate reports, one for a right side repair of $1287 and the other insurance estimate report for a roof repair of $13927. THAT IS CRAZY obviously this car has had about 3 accidents on it. no way am i even considering it, to much liability for me, the structural integrity is damaged. I'm surprised hes asking $33,000 for it.


Car proof link

http://reports.car proof.com/main?id=KaNJrk/pt1/+lR6CMUAjinStZMleGeyd&r=1&l=en#Estimate-921505


Pro tip, when buying any car ALWAYS ALWAYS get a carproof or car fax. it will save your life.


Actually, they only help if there was reported damage or repair quotation through a reputable shop or claimed accident however, if someone has it repaired through a small shop with cash you have no way to tell without a good visual inspection.


This summer my Son was looking for a 2012 V6 and we went to see many.


The first few vehicles with perfectly clean Car proof records I went to see before he made the purchase and the first one had been damaged end to end on the passenger side, the next had severe rear damage and it went on and on.


When I wouldn't back down with my accusations and showing them the flaws which included a whole variety of issues they came clean and admitted they were damaged and repaired.


People don't want their insurance to go up so they are having substandard repairs done and dumping vehicles back on the market.


The other word of warning is don't buy a car out of Quebec unless you know the history.


Dealers are coming to Ontario and buying damaged vehicles by the thousands with a rebuild title, shipping them back to Quebec, repairing them and when they register them in Quebec they get a clean title.


The vehicles are then sold and shipped everywhere without the buyer ever knowing the full history.


You really have to be careful when buying any used car but especially a performance one.

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