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Need an air dam. And decal advice.


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Brand new here. Just bought Shelby Dakota 795 in Phoenix AZ and drove it 2100 miles home to northern Canada pulling a little dune buggy nonetheless. She's a trooper for a truck with 200,000 miles on her. Former owners were original buyers and babied it all its life.


The truck looks great except for two things. It needs the front air dam. Seller broke it off in a minor altercation with a curb. Where can I get one? Or if I cant get the original anyone know of a reasonably close lookalike?


And the decals on the side are worn from the sun. The black parts of the decal look great, but the silver part on the doors is coming off at the edges.

Just wondering, a) how hard it is to remove the old one if I get a whole new decal kit and b) if anyone has tried 'salvaging' the decals without replacing them. My idea was to run a thin 1/8" black pinstripe along the sides of the silver to hide the frayed parts. Wouldn't be original but it would still look good.


One more thing. She doesnt always start with the first turn. Often takes two or three attempts. But the sellers have replace just about every part of the fuel supply system. New computer, rebuilt throttle body, fuel pump, etc. So I'm kind of mystified myself. Only thing I noticed is that one time it appeared to have a fuel leak from the top of the tank. Next day it was gone and has not returned. Any ideas?post-42032-0-26272500-1380464314_thumb.jpg


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Wow, looks nice! Congratulations. Nice to see another Whittier "car" north of the border.


As far as the fuel leak, I'd look at both the donut where the filler neck enters the tank and your roll-over valve.


For decals, if it were me I'd replace the whole set. I believe both Phoenix Graphics and Positive Impressions sell them.


For your front air dam, be patient. Watch Ebay, turbododge.com, and turbo-mopar.com.


Do you have the light bar to go with it?

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From what I have heard its quite the task to get the old ones off without destroying the paint. You can get the new ones from Phoenix Graphics for right around $495, and I do agree with glhs0075 you would be better off replacing the whole set than trying to just piece them together. Good luck with the air dam I have been looking around and cant really find that many parts that people dont want an arm and a leg for. I have been looking for a steering wheel since I got mine and cant find one for under $275. Good luck in your search and welcome to the world of owning a piece of shelby history.

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