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Team Shelby Run to Charlotte for 50th


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Hello fellow Team Shelby members. We are putting together a pony run for the 50th event in Charlotte and would like to extend an invitation to all members of Team Shelby as well as anyone else that wold like to travel to Charlotte together. This is not a Team Shelby only event, if you know someone who is planning on going they are more than welcome to join us.


I know there are going to be people that are trailering as well as driving their beloved Mustang. We are planning on everyone meeting in Indianapolis, In on April 14th and staying the night here and leaving bright and early on the 15th. The hotel for Indy stay has not been finalized as of this date, but we are working on it. I am working to find a hotel that is going to discount the rate as well as have enough room in the parking lot for trailers as well as allowing some folks to park in their lot that may be traveling by RV.


At this time the itenerary is not final, but we still have a few months to get things squared away. This is what we have so far:


April 14th : Everyone from out of Indy meeting and have a brief meet and greet at Indy hotel.


April 15th: Everyone up bright and early for departure to Charlotte, leave at approx 6:00 AM and travel to Florence, Ky


1st stop will be in Florence, Ky to pick up members from the Ohio area and northern Kentucky area, along with refueling.


2nd stop will be in Lexington, Ky for any southern Kentucky members wanting to travel with us, and fuel stop.


3rd stop will be in Knoxville, Tn for any Mississippi Valley members, and of course fuel again.


4th stop will be in Asheville, NC and will be our final stop before entering the Charloote area.



All stops are going to be at areas large enough (hopefully) to accomodate everyones vehicles (diesel, gas...) and use restrooms, snacks. and will last approx 30 minutes per stop. We are taking in consideration vehicles that may need frequent stops do to pulling trailers and cars that may be running 4:10 gears and such. Oh and children and Wives that need R/R breaks.


Map quest states that the trip from Indy to Charlotte will take 9 hours and with the stops should put us at 12hrs tops to hotels. I ask that anyone wanting more info please contact me through private msg or post and I will try to answer questions promptly.


I also ask everyone that would like to join us on this wonderful trip to sign up on our eventbrite website, it does not cost anything to join or for tickets, it is just a way for us to track the amount of people joining us and lets us know where everyone will be coming from.


Here is the link to eventbrite page to register. Thanks and hope you can join us.



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