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Does this sound far fetched?


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OK, I'm running about 800 rwhp on my car. I've noticed that every couple of months after I'm out driving my car around with some particularly heavy footed romps on the gas that the passenger side exhaust pipe is shifting up about an inch higher than the driver's side. It might be totally unrelated, but is it possible that I'm torqueing things so much that one exhaust pipe is bending? It takes about 30 minutes to bend things back into alignment.



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Could be. It was happening to my totally stock 99 F-150. Between not running and idling the end of the pipe moved a half inch and tapped against a bolt. As long as you're mounted on rubber, it'll torque more than you would expect. If you're using factory torque specs on your GT500 exhaust clamps, they'll move. I used a long handled breaker bar and tightened as much as I could. (Only on my exhaust. All other bolts are to spec.)



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