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VMP 2.5 install problem

Gregs 500

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Went to install the 2.5 on my stock S/C (2008 GT500) and the pulley would not turn. I followed everything exactly and went smoothly. However, when I turned the install nut to the end (stop) and removed, the pulley would not budge! It almost seems like the inner surface was touching the S/C snout. Could I have pushed the pulley on too far? How can this be? Its press fit. Just my luck! And I have a show this Sunday. Anyone have a solution or clarification of the problem? Thanks in advance

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Thanks, I was wondering that. It was slightly over flush. So while I pulled back off last night, periodically I checked to see if it would turn. No luck until half way. How in the world...unless some object was binding inside (nothing) I will try installing again today and maybe turn my tongue the other direction. The shaft turns with it off (no damage I am aware). I did hear something about later 2008 production stock blowers were Australian made, having larger snout ribs. Not sure how true that is. Anyway, I'll give it another try. THanks Aim High!

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