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How wide of a tire can I go with???


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Ok. I have had my 2014 GT 500 for almost 3 weeks now and I can tell that it's hard on the rear tires since Im in the boost a lot!!! So my question is can I put on a wider rear tire on the car then the 285s that are on it now?? I want to keep the standard factory 9 1/2" rims since they look so good on the car. Just want to know if I can go to a 295 or maybe a 305 tire. Who has done what?

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I am running nitto Invo 295/30/20 on alco 20/10 all the way around the tire do stick out of the wheel well a bit, I may of herd the rear rub a few times on a good road bump, but they hook well and ride like a dream no noise and has good wet traction, hope this helps you

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