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Pictures of people looking at my GTS at the Windsor Cruise In


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My wife and I own the Colorado Ice Professional Indoor Football team in Northern Colorado. We are in the IFL.




Our business was one of the sponsors of the Windsor Colorado Cruise In yesterday. As such, I took the show tag number off my Shelby GTS so people wouldn't vote for it. I was surprised by the many requests I got from people who wanted to vote for it, however.


It's not like it was going to win or anything anyway.


I was very busy promoting my team, so the only photos I have were taken by my staff of people in our area, looking at the GTS.


I have used my Shelby GTS as a promotional item three times this year.


Here are some pictures from yesterday:



































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About an hour before the show, I had washed the car and discovered a carbon film that accumulated on the rear that I could not remove. It's been building up for the past year. I ended up using painters tape to isolate the stripes on the back and used Megiars cleaner wax on the stripes.


It worked really well and removed the stains entirely.


I think eventually I will do all the stripes with the cleaner wax to remove hard water spots.

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Great story and pictures!






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Ibj I really love the look of your GTS. The rims look awesome. Love the color. The blower accents the rims. The blower must feel better than it looks, too! If I was able to buy a GT and ship it to Shelby, I would have it done like yours. Two thumbs up from me!

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SAI really built me a beautiful car.


It may not be the fastest car on the planet.

it's a bit loud.

It's a little raw.

Even a little uncivilzed even.

It's stiff.

It's precise.

Some componets like the improved UCAs make things a bit noisy in the cabin.

But it's fun.

It's exhiliarating.

It looks incredible.


And yet all those things that some may think I was negative about in my description, are things about my Shelby GTS that have turned into feelings of endearment.

The sum total of it is mechanical poetry in motion.


I had a choice, I could to do dark and sinister or bright and cheery.


I chose the latter.

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