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Shoulder Harness

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About the only mod I got left to do is add a shoulder harness belt with lap belt too and looking at the Schroth belts but no clue which ones I should be looking at? I do have Recaro's and a Roll Bar so they can be mounted to the bar and come through the seats and the only racing I do is just for fun and usually only at club events. Do they come in certain sizes or is there a particular one that is a perfect size for the late model Mustangs like my 2008 Shelby?


I am not sure so better to ask before I order... I know the color I want... hahaha

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I have Schroth Rallye 4s for both seats

They use the rear seat belt anchor points

Huge improvement over the stock 3-point seat belt for track days, as they definitely keep you planted in the seat



With a roll bar you would need a different model

It looks like the Rallye cross works with either a harness bar or a roll bar



"Where a Rallye 3 or 4 has a quick disconnect buckle between the front section of the harness and the tailstrap, the Rallye Cross has two independant shoulder straps that go straight to the mounting point. The mounting point can be either wrap or bolt, the most common being wrapped around a harnessbar."


Uncertain if you would like the lack of a quick disconnect buckle like the Rallye 4s have

When I'm not using them they slide over the seat and store on the floor just behind the front seats

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