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Welcome State Directors for Utah and New Mexico


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I would like to officially welcome the State Directors for Utah and New Mexico.


In Utah Erik (ejrail) is the state director. He has been working in Salt Lake with the Intermountain Mustang & Ford show for quite some time. Hit up EJ if you want to know about Shelby happenings in Utah.


In New Mexico we have Jeff Bronstein (HyperStangs). Jeff has been very active in helping out the local Shelby community there and also helping folks find the right Shelby Mustang.


I am missing State Directors for AZ, CO, ID, MT, NV, or WY at this time. If interested, please shoot me a note. You must be a Team Shelby Member of course. You would think that NV would be a no brainer!


:happy feet: :happy feet: :worship::rockon::woohoo:

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x2. Also, how much is it to be a Team Shelby "Member" and what does that "Membership" provide?

I'm not sure the direction Team Shelby will be asking us to take as State Directors. I am quite passionate about the brand, The Man and my Shelby GT. I attend local cruise nights and shows each season. I also have run my car at Miller Motorsports Park in Grantsville, UT. I am always promoting Shelby and Team Shelby at these events.


A member gets the benefit of the full web site, including tech info from people who have "been there, done that". The membership kit includes goodies you can't buy. Your membership card gets you a discount at the Museum Gift Shop in Vegas and additional discounts at Shelby Performance Parts several times a year. Membership is $50 a year. I can say I have saved more than the price of membership when shopping the SPP sales with my member discount. I cannot put a price on the friends I've made around the US & Canada thru Team Shelby. I feel it is well worth the price of admission alone.


I organized a Salt Lake area "Rev Your Shelby" event last May in coordination with the international event from LA. We had 9 cars attend.


Another Shelby owner/enthusiast set up a tribute at the Intermountain Mustang show in Park City, UT last August. We set up tables of our personal memorabilia under E-Z-Ups. I handed out the "In Memory Of...." oval stickers. We had 27 Shelby's parked in front of our display.


Down the road, I'd like to see a Team Shelby booth at the Salt Lake Autorama next year. I would also like to explore a Shelby track day at Miller Motorsports Park. My Mustang club is sponsored by Millers and we have gotten to do parade laps at events. This is where I met JeffJ. The late Larry Miller has quite an impressive display of Cobras, Ford Gt 40s and Shelby Mustangs in his museum at the track. I think the setting would be perfect fo us to spend a day.

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One thing we're already working on is the anniversary run, that comes right through Albuquerque. I'm not sure exactly how many cars we'll see by the time they hit New Mexico, but the number 5000 was bandied about. We'll be ready for them with food, attractions, car shows, specials on service and plenty of techs in case anyone has problems. I'm pretty pro-active so even if we don't have direct input I feel the Shelby community in the Southwest is headed in the right direction. We have a very solid Mustang group here already and one of the oldest in the US.

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Each region is a little different on what the State Directors do right now. This is all still very dynamic and growing. EJ is pretty much right on above. Right now it's pretty much about just doing what you probably do today, but maybe with a bit more organization of events or gatherings. Really about building camaraderie amongst Shelby owners. As EJ mentions, some have set up track days, shows, etc. Main thing is that we're going to have fun! There are benefits also to it. If interested, please contact me to discuss.

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So they made you a director with only manager reports? Is that why you can't so do CO?


I am also the Director for CO, but if somebody wanted to be in that position, I would be open to that. Some other regions directors have that, but also have very active states.

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