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SVT says my car is on the "Body Line"


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I called the SVT number this morning and they say my car is on the "body line". The individual I spoke with suggested it may be done by the end of the week. Im curious, if anyone may know, what steps are left in the build process? I was thinking once it hit the line it would be done the same day. Im guessing that it will be several weeks from the actual completion to delivery, no surprise there.


Thanks in advance.

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Depending on your options, the car may leave the assembly line for completion. ( glass roof, OTT stripes, etc. )


I had a blend date of 08/13. SVT told me today that the car went to the shipping co. on 08/19, with an ETA @ the dealer of 08/28 - 09/03

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After waiting 8 months for my car, I followed it's journey from the plant to the dealer using the railcar number, the railroad tracking system and then mapped it using Google earth., The railcar can be found on the vehicle visibility report, see dealer for printout.



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