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New and Improved regional information


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Team Shelby has made some serious headway in regionalizing (if thats a word) the club and forum over the last few months.


What we hope to bring you all in the Southern Plains region is more localized Team Shelby support for any and all gatherings and events.


There have been many hurdles to overcome over the last couple years, but it looks like things are about to really take off.


We have State Coordinators at your disposal-


For Oklahoma,

Chris Carter


For Arkansas,

Jeff Gagne


For Texas,

Sean Cook


I will have each of them come on here and reintroduce themselves, though you all probably know them all fairly well!


If you noticed, we have no one for Louisiana, so if you live there, and can spell the word correctly, and would like to become more involved in getting people in your state together, please PM me and we can discuss what will be needed for the great state of LA, other than driver friendlier laws. :hysterical:


Thank you all for your continued passion and friendship! We have one of the 6 best regions in the country!!!

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I think I know that sean guy :lol:


Awww :wub:


Yes I am the state director for Texas as most of you know. To be honest I have gotten into a bad habit of post almost everything on Facebook as it reaches so many more people, but I am making an effort to get back to posting on the Shelby forums (Here at Team Shelby and also at Fordgt500, Shelbyforums and SVTPerformance)


Houston has really stepped up its game recently and has become very active in organizing events. SA and Austin are doing well. Dallas and everything west is a bit disorganized but to be fair west Texas is HUGE!


I will also be doing more frequent emails to the region. If you reside in the Southern Plains you can PM me your email address and I'll make sure you are on the list. I have about 220 people right now on the list.


Questions. comments, suggestions, etc are welcomed. Please PM me or you can email me at sean@smcevents.com :salute:

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Texas people/ Oklahoma people,


Please feel free to email/PM us about any and all upcoming events in the Southern Plains region in addition to posting it here. That way we can spread the info on FB, other Mustang forums and even on Facebook.



fixed it for you sean, always trying to leave me out. :middle finger:

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