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I was browsing Shelby cars on e-bay, as I sometimes do, and came across a listing for CSX4185, one of the Challenge Racers. The listing was posted yesterday (Sunday). http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/1965-Shelby-Cobra-Race-Car-Original-Body-and-Chassis-/171107301494?pt=US_Cars_Trucks&hash=item27d6ca3876


I thought that car looks a lot like one I caught on part of the Mecum auction this weekend. I went to Mecum infonet and searched Shelby for the Monterey auction. Sure enough there is CSX4185 shown as lot F186. It's a no sale at $60,000 bid. http://www.mecum.com/auctions/lot_detail.cfm?LOT_ID=CA0813-161339


Further down my search results is S212.1, another Challenge Racer. I open it up and there's CSX4185 again, this time shown as sold at $50,000. http://www.mecum.com/auctions/lot_detail.cfm?LOT_ID=CA0813-169944


Now I'm wondering how does a car go across the block on Friday not sell at $60K and then apparently go across the block again on Saturday and sell at $50K? Were either of the bids real? Did the seller actually buy his own car at $50K so Mecum could earn some commissions as compensation for running it across the block a second time? Is the ebay seller the original seller or the new owner or both?


Much of the description in the ebay listing is an exact copy of the text in the Mecum listing. It also claims to be "an original 1965 Shelby Cobra modified as a race car." Buyer beware on this one.

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I was at Mecum's on Friday and saw rhe car bid to $60k but no sale. I was shocked to see the car sold on Saturday for $50k and emailed Mecum's to find out how this happened. Per Mecum, the car crossed the auction block again on Saturday and bid to $45k but no sale. Then, someone offered $50k after bidding closed and the owner accepted. I too saw it on eBay and contacted the seller which was a pawn shop in SoCal. I was told that the car was auctioned at the end of the day and 80% of the audience had left. Reserve eBay price was $85k.


Of interest, I was coordinating to see the car and then told Mecum sold it. The pawn shop told me they were not aware that Mecum had another deal going. During my research on CSX4185, I came across the owner of CSX4180 (#2of 7) and he manages SAAC's Cobra database. I asked for general info and inquired what he felt these Challenge Racers are worth. Strangely, everything has gone dark on the car. No one is talking. Very peculiar. Tonight I came across a listing for CSX4185 in the UK but believe it is an old listing.


Owners of 1965 Cobra's feel the continuations are worth slightly more than a kit car. I get their viewpoint. I'm sure owners of early Shelby's view my 2011 GT350 as equivalent to a Roush or something. Whatever, it was built and engineered by Shelby.


Lesson learned: throw out an offer because the seller just may accept. CSX4185 was stolen at $50k....

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Auctions/owners will often "rerun" a car later in the weekend if they cannot sell it the first time. That is especially true if the owner of the car is in tight with the auction house. On the car in question, one must look at it for what it is. IT is a track toy. While it is a nice deal at $50k (most fun you're gonna have at that money)..who am I to say that it is really worth more than that. You cannot do anything with the car except put it on the track, it isnt an aluminum car, and its been run hard. I would say perhaps 60-65 could be justifiable but $85k seems quite aggressive to me. You can buy a street car for less than that and, although not as rare, it is far more usable.


I would say though, those cars are the ultimate if you just want a track toy..

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