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PCH cruise - So Cal to PNW


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I have had several people keep asking me about doing a PCH cruise. September it is!. Always cool along the coast - be a great escape from the Texas heat for me! :yahoo:


Looks like about 1400 1000 miles from LA to Seattle Eugene, Or. Of course it is all inclusive (hotels and meals as well as any museums, entry fees, etc.).


I'll keep you updated on the progress.



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Oops! Forgot to update this thread! :doh:


The 2015 Pacific Coast tour starts August 30th and runs through September 5th. We start in LA and will drive about 1000 miles up the coast to Oregon. Once again all meals and lodging is included!


Leisurely days, incredible sights, fantastic food and amazing people make this the can't miss trip of 2014! :happy feet:

More info can be found here: https://www.smcevents.com/2014-events.html

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