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Tire Size Question


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Anybody have experience running 305/30 or 305/35 on a lowered rear. Currently have 285/30 NT555 on 20x10 CS40. The FRPP FR3 suspension pkg I put in has lowering springs (1.25 inch drop). The tape measure says "looks too close for comfort." Where I am in Virginia, I can't come up with the tire anywhere to try it on.

Any input/insight will be most appreciated.





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Thanks for taking the time to get back to me. I concur, 35s are too tall - 28" on a 20x10 CS40. A 305/30 specs out at 27.2'', only .5'' taller than my current 285/30. What I'm not sure about is the clearance to the wheel well lip. Your rec to go with a 30 profile is solid. Thanks.

You originally from NJ? I grew up in Philly.


Take it easy, shipmate.



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You guys are way more educated on the tire size and clearances than I !

I don't know if this is what your asking but I have a lowered '10 and have 305/30/19 on the rear and no rubbing issues, yet. Normally it's me and my wife in the car so there is no real weight back there. However, I did fill the trunk with 3 cases of drinking water and groceries and drove home with no issue, although I was not driving aggressive at all.

On a side note, the tires up front rub when I hit a bump at highway speed. 255/40/19 possibly need stiffer springs (eibach)?

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