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I participated in my first autocross event on Sunday. My goals were to a) run clean, and b) not place last. I succeeded at both. No cone penalties, no DNFs, and I placed 40th out of 46 in the Novice class. It's painfully obvious that I need a) tires, and b) a LOT more seat time.




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I think you looked good out there! Don't rush for tires yet - learn and do more and you'll be amazed how well you can do even on stock tires. A lot of fun, isnt it?

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Go get some seat time in a kart at your local track. The basics are learned in karting. You'll be surprised how much you'll learn in a short amount of time which will ultimately translate into faster lap times in your car.

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What wheels did you get?




I couldn't get SWMBO to approve the cost of some appropriately light wheels (I'm lusting after the DForce wheels), so I got the same thing I already have, only wider.


Got the tires mounted last Friday, and did a test fit. Car sits about an inch lower, and while the clearance is kinda close on the front (both the strut and the upper sway bar end link stud), it appears to be enough not to worry about. I'm going to put all four on this coming weekend and go for a short drive just to make sure.


I found out this weekend that the world is coming to an end (again) on Oct 1st. If that's true, that'll be a bummer because I'll end up only getting to use these tires/wheels once.

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