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Tire Centers Inc #785 scam


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Has anyone else had an incorrect credit card charge appear, apparently for "Tire Centers Inc #785"?


I have already cancelled the card, will get a replacement soon and will not be charged, but I would like to warn everyone that a fraudulent $5,251 charge to a "Tire Centers Inc #785" appeared on my most used credit card this morning!


My online search for "Tire Centers Inc #785" only produced "Tire Centers LLC #785" in Henderson, CO, which is probably not the same.


Thanks everyone for any info or suggestions. Maybe I can stop this fraud before it hits someone else. I live here in SoCal, but constantly use this card locally & online. It is such a hastle to have to change my card number with all my venders using that now cancelled card!

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I had my debit card cloned once...........they bought $1600 worth of gift cards at a Best Buy before Visa fraud protection got suspicious and turned it off.


The card was in my wallet the whole time! It seems they copied the number and made a fake card that charged my account!


When I asked what i could do to prevent it from happening again they said there really isn't! :shrug:

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There should be a phone number attached to the charge on your card, it may be worth calling.

Thanks, Snoopy, but my call to the card company revealed only that this was a charge REQUEST ONLY so far.


I made that call this morning just after the charge-approval request was noticed to me by automatic e-mail from the card company!


My phone calI revealed that I have to wait until this Sat in order to get any details, but the fraud is noticed and my card number changes!

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