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Steering noise

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my car does the same thing. more so when the AC is on and I back into a parking spot. I haven't found the cause so I just live with it since its only when parking. my 2000 GT did the same thing

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in my car I can make it do it while parked if I turn the wheel lock to lock very slowly with the AC on on a very hot day. I think it has some thing to do with power steering fluid temp.


my 2000 gt did the identical thing so I put a small tranny cooler on the PS line and it went a way


the SGT isn't nearly as bad so I just live with it

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I get that sound on a rare occasion. I am positive that mine is coming from the front end. I only get it when I do a tire change for the track and it only happens for the first few miles and park jobs.

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what you are describing sounds like simply "pump catch." This occurs when you turn the wheel all the way and hold it while at low rpm. It is somewhat normal and not necessarily indicative of an issue. This is induced by the low rpm. Again, this is if the sound is occurring when the wheel is turned all the way, one way or the other, and held in that position, during low rpm.


You could also have air in the system and may need to bleed or flush the system. I do not know if our SGT have the ability to be bled. But I see where you have a 07 SGT so it is best to flush the system every five years, along with the anti freeze, brake fluid, etc. Power steering may not be able to be flushed on our system so if not you just use a baster or other hosing to suck out as much as you can and replace with fresh. Good luck and let us know.

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