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WTB: Shelby GT-H Diecast base

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Hi all, I thought I would post this in this forum.


I am looking for the base mount that came with the 2006 GT-H diecast car. I have a project that I am working on and I only need the base for this project. I have included a picture of the diecast GT-H on the base but I don't need the car.


If anyone is willing to part with one I would happily pay a few bucks for it plus shipping to Las Vegas.







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Convertible or coupe? (I'm not a GT-H expert)


What picture?


You know that in the collectibles world, sometimes the value of ancillaries far outstrips that of the items in question, don't you?


Lots of first editions out there, very few of the dust covers that came off the books and were discarded; same for the original boxes that many models were packed in. There's a thriving industry making faux boxes and dust covers.


What's "a few bucks", approximately?


You might get more traffic in the Shelby Collectibles thread.

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Whoops, forgot to put the picture in. That's fixed now. I'm looking for the standard 2006 GT-H base. I can buy the complete model for $35 but I was hoping someone might have bought one of these and let their kids play with the car and therefore didn't need base.


What do I want to pay? Well I was hoping to pay $10 or $15 for just the base.


Anyone want to part with one?



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