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Has anyone added a subwoofer?

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I am considering upgrading the stereo and want to see what others recommend. I am not after deafining base to compete with the high school student pulling up next to me. Just enough to notice and complete the listening experience.


SUB: In my boat, I installed the Sound Ordnance B-8PTD powered sub and it packs a suprisingly good punch for its size, all-in-one design, and price.


SPEAKERS: I did read (user: GBW122974) post about installing a pair of 6x8 Kickers, but wonder what other brands people have installed and if replacing more than the 6x8's is worthwhile?


Attached is picture of the Sound Ordnance B-8PTD powered sub:




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interesting just dropped my 13 off for a sound upgrade. I have the nav system with no shaker 1000. I did not want a sub box in my trunk (lived with one of those for 5 years ).

so here is what they are doing.

add 1 2 channel kenwood amp

add 1 4 channel kenwood amp

the large driver in the door will get it's sound tube and inside the door done with dynamat and the will be powered by the new 2 channel amp.

the other front door speakers will get new 2 way speakers (mids and tweeters) and powered by the 4 channel amp.

the rear will get 2 new 3 ways for fill sound in the back and will be powered by the 4 channel


I do not know the brands of speakers

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The guy from the stereo shop called. the long and short of it is for what I wanted (more highs and mids ) it was not worth it. He said doing 1500-2000 worth of work would see very little sound improvement. No charge for them to do some testing and come to that conclusion. First high end 13 Nav system they had seen.

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I haven't added a subwoofer to my Shelby and never will. However I've had plenty of experience with subs in other vehicles. I'm very particular about my audio systems when upgrading. You would be amazed at what just an upgraded head unit would do. But I don't recommend that for the Shelbys.


Staying within the limitations of upgrading speakers, the factory stuff probably isn't bad for the doors and back windows. Adding a sub would allow you to independently control your sub through the amp and get your nice highs and mids out of the factory speakers. I recommend a 10" sub at 250watts or 12" at 500watts for the trunk. My personal choice would be 500watts.


I have never dealt with the speaker you mentioned. I do recommend a middle of the road JL or Eclipse. These two brands have the cleanest bass in my opinion. I have used JL amps on both for many years without issue. Highly recommend them. You can buy a gain adjustment knob to dial in the base if you like on the amplifier also (costs about $25).


One thing you will likely have to purchase is an adapter to the factory head unit to send a signal to the amp. The adapters are usually cheap but the install is around $125 because its a pain for the installer to wire up. This adapter will ensure all your controls still work on your steering wheel.


Just another tip is to have dynomat put in your trunk. It may not be required, especially for 250watts, but it really helps with any rattling that may occur. I just don't know how likely it is to happen with a smaller sub system in the Shelby.


Hope this helps!

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