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Mustang horn button replacement

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You need to find a factory Ford airbag delete they used in the Cobra Jet cars.


I bought one for my CS6 for around $80.00 from Blue Oval Industries a few years ago.


It took some time to dig out the clips etc. as they are encased in rubber as I wanted it perfect.


Then I just pried out the old one which was easy, put epoxy in the clip holes and under the button,


cut 50% of the retaining clips off the snake button and pressed it into place.


It worked perfectly.

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Saleen used to make a cover that you could then put a sticker on.


I had one made but it required some cutting where the old emblem sat. I then used panel adhesive to bond it to the cover only on one half so that hopefully it won't cause problems if the airbag ever goes off.

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