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All-American Car Show (Loveland, CO)


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Team Shelby was well-represented at today's All-American Car Show in Loveland, CO. It was great to put faces (and cars) with names for three other members: twobjshelbys (2006 Ford GT), MOUNT-N-SLOT (2014 GT500), and hotcar 2013 (2013 GT500)!

Notably, a few of us were lucky enough to visit the winners' circle. hotcar 2013 and I both received Outstanding Car in Class recognition, while twobjshelbys was recognized as Best in Class and Best of Show. (The informal poll we conducted among ourselves after the show concluded that MOUNT-N-SLOT got cheated, but it was too late to demand a recount.)


MOUNT-N-SLOT and hotcar 2013 stuck around after the show for a brief photo shoot with our GT500s.


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