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Invoice pricing for 13-14 GT500


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2013 Shelby GT500 pricing....dated 03/21/2012


Coupe - 49,458 / 54,200

vert - 54,020 / 59,200

821A pkg - 3,120 / 3,495

Recaro - 1,424 / 1,595

glass roof - 1,781 / 1,995

elec. pkg - 2,088 / 2,340

cover - 335 / 375

SVT track pack - 2,673 / 2,995

shaker audio - 1,156 / 1,295.......................old data, hope it helped.

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Im glad i seen this. I know they make money on these cars even if they sale at invoice ( dealers actually pay less than inv) prices, which we all know most sale at msrp or msrp plus adm.

@ $500 over invoice i will be a happy camper. I told my dealer i would not pay over msrp for my 14. They returned they would not sell the car unless they had $10k adm..... I stood my ground....they said i had to offer "something" over msrp..... Standing my ground they came up with msrp on evrything PLUS some sort of protective undercarrage crap they threw at me.... For 3k... I have no clue what i paid the $3k for... Sounds like something that should be under warranty anyways..... As long as they show me i am getting something for the $3k im fine... But it better be something more or less tangibile.

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That undercarriage spray is a ripoff unless you plan on driving that thing over salt mines. My buddy does that for dealers- it costs him less than 150.00 bucks a car. That's a hell of a markup!

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You're getting a 3k adm for some crap spray that costs them virtually nothing that you wouldn't want on the car anyway. Find another dealer. There are places that will make a good deal. And then rub this schmucks nose in it by having the selling dealer drop ship it to the schmuck.

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Fair nuff... Il either have them come up with some bettergoods for the 3k, or they can remove it from the price.




Have your dealer throw in a zero deductible extended Ford warranty, free oil & filter service for life - at 3k mile intervals, a complete 3M clear bra installation for the front and lifetime Sirius (if so equipped) and then they might have a sale... Good luck and let us know what happens.

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