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little chips in the paint…


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Anybody notice when detailing you cars that the paint on the panel just behind the front wheels has A LOT of little chips from the rocks being thrown from the tires? I have a black car and it is REALLY bad for only having 1700 miles on it.



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Guess you didn't see my reply on the other forum. Here it is again:


3 Suggestions:
1. Quit Driving the car to your job at the gravel pit.
2. Install the splash/stone guards at the following link: http://jaegerbrothersauto.com/auto-p...odels_593.html
3. Apply at least 10 coats of Liquid Glass polish to the finish on your car. You will start getting some stone chip protection at that point. The more coats the better.
Note: My Shelby has 1,800 miles on it. I have the stone guards installed and 21 coats of LG. Not one stone chip on the entire car.

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I would be interested in your thoughts on the Escort Max. I have the Escort 9500ix and like it a lot but I'm always looking for radar detection improvement.

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