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Going to Track for first time with my GT500

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Any suggestions to get the best time on my first 1/4 mile run? Running on stock tires and will have about 900+ miles on car by the time ai get to Cecil County Dragway. Any suggestions on usage of Advance Trak versus Sport Mode & Launch control settings. Getting in car in 15 minutes so hit me up some suggestions. Thanks in advance. Not expecting much. I still do not know the car like I did my 2010. We will see :)

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I had problems with traction as one would expect with the Goodyear tires and lack of experience but ran 3 - 12.1's :happy feet: , 2 - 12.2's, 1 - 12.3, 2 -12.4's, 1 -12.6 and a whopping 17.3. By the end it got into mid to high 60 degree weather and the tires had no traction. I literally went sideways shifting into second at about 75-80 mph. I just let off the gas and coasted thru 1/4 at 61 mph! LOL :). It was a great experience. Cannot wait to go back and improve on my R/T and 60ft times as well. With same tires I think I might break into 11.90's. I really would like to hear recommendations on tires that would be recommended for dragway and track if that is possible. If anyone can respond to my first post it would be appreciated......Nick

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