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shelby track pack individual components?


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im sure this has been beat to death but i havent seen it so im gonna add to the furry....sorry mods. you may kick me at the shelby meet next year.


is there any way we can get the shelby/cortex track pack parts individually. i want the kit really badly but with me being halfway through an engine build i cant afford the price even though it is a great price. i can however afford to put it together piece by piece. im sure there are others who are in the same boat as me.

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You certainly can buy the individual pieces directly from CorteX without the Shelby cut logos and paint or powder coat them. The strut mounts, LCA brackets and Watts tower brace all have the unique CS logo cut into them. The diff cover is engraved with "Shelby Track Pack". The LCA's are blue with a sticker & the sway bar links are the gray anodized pieces available from SPP.

Granted, it's cosmetic but very nicely done but looks really nice and of course the CorteX parts are top notch.

I'm getting it all installed next month & will post pics and a review.

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