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Engine will not stay running


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2007 Mustang Shelby GT..... Need help ........Very low on fuel so I was going to fill up,I started the car the engine ran I let the emergency brake off the engine quits. Did this 4 times, I then left the brake on one click engine stayed running,I drove to fill up, when I tried to leave Same thing happens. I put the emergency brake on one click and managed to make it to the Ford dealership engine light on since the beginning. Mechanic read the codes all The injectors showed faults. Now the Engine starts then stops right away. He could not figure out the problem left the car with them because it was closeing time. They said they would call me tomorrow. I know sounds weird.


Does anyone have any idea what is going on? Or has this happened to anyone else there?

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My old Ford Ranger (fuel injected V-6) had a warning about running out of fuel - you had to reset the fuel control module. In the Ranger's case, it was located behind the passenger side kick panel. Remove the panel and press the reset button and all was well again.


Just a guess, but perhaps the Shelby is similar?



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