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KR Rear Axle Reservoir

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The KR one will work with the T/A cover if the car is not too low as where some others ( Bob's Auto ) hits on the 2 ribs on the T/A cover ( like Cortex , Griggs , W/L ) . It's notched out on the passenger side mount bracket to clear the UCA but that's not where it hits on the Bob's unit . The ribs hit the tank .The SPP unit is smaller and oval so the diff cover doesn't get hit it as easily as the B unit . At least that's my experience with them .

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They mount to the back 2 bolts that the UCA support bracket is mounted to the underside of the car body. The reservoir tabs go between the bolt heads and the UCA bracket and get torqued back down ( 129ft/lbs I believe ) . So you have - body - UCA bracket - reservoir tabs - bolts . On the 2007-2009 you can run the overflow hose down from the reservoir and put it through a hole on the passenger side / back of the gas tank and let it hang . The feed line to the reservoir goes from the axle housing fitting ( pointed towards the drivers side rear corner ) and make a "S" bend with the hose up and to the reservoir. Hope this helps !

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Thanks for the instructions Kevin. I was looking into a diff cooler since my new cover has provisions for one - but after seeing how complicated and expensive the available diff coolers are I think the KR overflow setup will do what I need it to do.

BTW - really nice job on detailing the rear suspension on your car Richard. :)

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Installed the KR reservoir this afternoon. Before the install I noticed there was lube residue coating the axle tube around the factory vent after my first track day - so it looks like the reservoir will get a workout at the track soon. No real issues with the install - fitment of the SPP piece was excellent. The only "problem" is that anytime I have to work on or around the UCA/third link it's always a knuckle busting exercise.

I know Albino will be reading this so I'll go on record saying that a torque arm is the very next thing on the mod list. It'll be worth it to be rid of that darn third link once and for all!

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And if memory serves me, less expensive than it used to be.





Yup. We've raised prices on 1 or 2 items over the past year, and lowered MANY MANY others, including much more reasonable prices on new items as they have been introduced. Thanks for noticing,




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