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Rim and Tire suggestions


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Does anyone have any suggestions on what rims and tires I should get for the strip? I have a 2014 Shelby GT500 and need some rims and tires I can put on just for drag racing. I like the Mickey Thompson ET Street Radials II but am really lost when it comes to selecting the best size for the rims and tires to fit my car properly. Went to the races last night and couldn't get the stock F1 to hook to save my life. I was running low 8s on the 1/8 mile and I know the car can do way better then that if I could get it to hook.



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Found on the SVTP site:




Weld Racing 2013 / 2014 Shelby GT500 Drag Wheel Packages



Here is a package for the 2013 to 2014 Shelby GT500's with the new larger brakes.

For rears only in 17x10 we are doing

Polished - $999 shipped, with polished lugs
Black - $1049 shipped with lugs ($1079 with black lugs)

For the fronts in your choice of 18x4.5 / 18x5 we are doing

Polished - $1119 shipped with polished lugs
Black - $1169 shipped ($1199 shipped with black lugs)

If you do a set of 4, i'll knock $75 off the entire package price!

Right about a 3 week order time from weld.


when you call, let me know your an SVTP member,

and don't forget, we do Lund Racing custom tuning for the cars as well!

on the fronts, it seems to be hit or miss needing a 1/4" spacer for the cars. it's such a tight fit.

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