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Moore survivor drives tornado-hit Mustang out of the wreckage

Amigo GT500

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Jack Haden of Moore, Okla., survived last month's EF5 tornado with his pregnant wife in a storm cellar, and emerged to find his 2003 Ford Mustang flung across the road into a tree, coated with debris. But instead of leaving it where it lay and adding to the insurance claim, Haden climbed inside — and found it still ran. Since then, his Mustang has become a bit of comic relief for a town that desperately needs it.

Haden, an aircraft mechanic, told KSBI-TV that people started taking pictures of the car almost immediately after he put it back on the road. That gave him the idea to make it slightly more roadworthy, and after two hours of tearing away the mangled fenders, roof and broken windshield, he took it for a ride around town last weekend, telling the TV station: "We decided just to chop it up and take it out for everyone to see."

And since three of the tires had punctures, what better time to practice their burnout skills?



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Lol. Wondered when it would show up here. He's a Luky guy. His 800 hp Turbo 5.0 was at his shop not his house.

Poor guys house is trashed but still standing. His wife is 8 months preggo. Hopefully ford will dip in their pockets and give him a mustang?

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