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Shelby CS1 Wheels and Michelin Pilot Super Sport Tires on 2011 GT500


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Shelby CS1 Wheels and Michelin Pilot Super Sport Tires on my 2011 GT500.

295/35ZR20 rear and 275/35ZR20 front








And now the original SVT wheels with Goodyear tires.




These Michelin Pilot Supoer Sport tires are day and night difference versus the Goodyear tires. It's like driving a totally different car and in a good way!

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Judgeman, I think it's a good sizebut I also think I could have went a little taller, maybe to a 40 to help fill in the gap. My Shelby actually came staggered but it was 19's on the front and 20's on the rear. I think 20's all the way around and be staggered would be perfect. Michelin PSS tires would have been the perfect choice as well. Even if they tacked on another 1000-1500 on to the sticker price, I'm sure we would still buy it because it's a Shelby. I think Carroll Shelby wheels should also be an option, you have SVT wheels and sizes then you have another option to purchase CS Wheels from the factory. It's just a day and night difference as far as the wheels are concerned and same goes for the Michelin PSS tires. My next project will be an adjustable panhard bar, then I'll start looking at other small projects before going onto the larger ones.

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