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Suggested Shelby item

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This is not a performance part but would like Shelby American to offer some upgraded clothing... if you have ever been in a Harley Davidson store one of their most popular clothing items are the sleeveless shirts. These are NOT tank tops they are made from a real nice quality material with all kinds of designs and how cool would it be to be wearing a sleeveless shirt with a 427 S/C Cobra on it or a 67 GT500 Shelby or a modern GT500 Super Snake. There are many Shelby cars that can be put on a shirt and I think you would sell a lot. The existing shirts are not that attractive. Another example when Orange County Choppers started selling t-shirts and sleeveless shirts with their different choppers on there they sold a crap load!!


Personally, I'd like a light Gray sleeveless shirt with a Highland Green GT500 on it

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