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Vintage Mustang Production Music Video


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Probably one of the first music videos ever. This music video by Martha and the Vandellas singing the Motown hit "Nowhere To Run" was filmed inside the Dearborn Assembly Plant, while Mustangs were rolling off the line, in 1965.


The workers were not "rehearsed" and given only minimal preparation (if any at all) that a music video was going to be filmed that day on the production line.


This is the actual Mustang assembly line on which all 1965 models were built.

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Can you imagine the lack of safety equipment. In the opening scene the girls are dancing down the line and the workers are spray painting the hoods without any type of ventilation safety equipment. Can you imagine the fumes. Wouldn't get past NIOSH and others today.

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Always cool to see stuff like this but the part of it not being rehearsed, I'm not buying. Those hoods & fenders were already white in color before they started spraying them, can you say multiple takes. Also there is very little activity in the background so I would guess this was filmed on a weekend or after the second shift.


Now I was impressed with the line worker dropping the drivetrain into the car in almost a single motion. Again cool video but not as spontaneous as some might think.



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