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So I had this crazy annoying squeek....


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I've had my watts link, rear LCA's and sway bars with poly bushings on the car now for a few months with no significant additional road noise and have been very pleased. However, a couple weeks ago I started hearing noises coming from the rear of the car. do%20what.gif Figured the poly bushings maybe had not been greased thoroughly enough and they were squeaking so we got the car on the lift today, lubed the shite out of everything, re-torqued everything and put the car back on the ground for a quick spin. Annoying squeak still present. :headscratch: Got back under the car opened the trunk and had my buds push the back end of the car down a few times to see if we could hear where the noise was coming from. Lo and behold... the rear shock tower rubber bushings were the culprit. Shot a little WD40 on them and they shut up. Car is nice and quiet again. :doh:


This ever happen to you guys? When I say it was annoying... I'm not kidding. Loud and annoying. I could hear it over my exhaust. CrAzY AnNoYiNg!!!!!!! :confused:

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