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Coming back to Shelby

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I was a member of team Shelby from 2010 to 2012 when I had a 2010 GT 500. I then migrated to Roush when I purchased a 2012 RS3. I liked the Roush a lot but when the 2013 Shelby came out with 662 H.P. and 631 lb. ft. of torque I knew iI had to return to Shelby. My dealer called me this week and told me they had an allocation for 1 more 2014 GT500 and a buyer for my Roush so I jumped at the chance to get one of these nasty Mustangs. I am sending in my order Monday morning and have been told it will be available in 3 months. Now I have the agony of waiting. I do have a quick question, in addition to the normal performance options I like the quarter window louvers and the side body scoops. However, I haven't seen many Shelby's with those add ons. Any thoughts from other members?

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I have them on my GT and love the appearance. The only drawback is they are double-stick taped on, so, it's difficult to clean the C pillar windows.






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I just saw my 2014 GT500 with the scoops at the dealer, and it looked great--my wife even liked them. I didn't do the windows because the visibility was poor enough in my 2008 GT500 that I didn't want to put the louvers on, although I do like the way they look.

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