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Good Backup Camera

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Just ordered up a couple of different types one that is for a BMW looks like it might fit in the license plate light spot and the other with a 45degree from surface mount both have 170 degree fov. I will let you knowq when they show up and if one or the other work. Deane

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I'm very familiar and very pleased with the Lock Pick Sync override components and rear camera driver. The following list are the parts that I purchased from the website you are referring to. By the way I drive a 2011 gt500, with electronics package have been given on good authority that the newer versions will work just as well.



License Plate

Night Vision Bar Camera



and buy the extra PLUG AND PLAY HARNESS....you will need it......Roger

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I have a 2011 GT 500,convertible and would like to have a backup camera added to my electronics package. Where did you purchase your lockpick and backup camera? Approximately how much did it cost and how much did the installer charge you to put it in the car?

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