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Installed stock mufflers on Sunday (video)

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My car had Magnaflow mufflers when I purchased it. I obtained a set of original GTA Ford mufflers and had some time to do the swap. I was hoping for a little more volume and rumble than I had with the Magnaflows which I felt were too quiet. I would say the change is very minor. The Magnaflows are toned a tad lower, but the FRPP mufflers have more old school gurgle. Both are about the same volume I'd say. I can't hear any of them over the Whipple when I put my foot in it. :rockon:


Regarding the fitment, the Magnaflow mufflers really fit nice and tucked into the exhaust cutouts on the rear bumper perfectly. They also have a fully polished muffler which looks really nice under the car. The Ford's hang a bit lower leaving more open space around the cutouts. I worked the fitment as hard and tight as I could and after examining stock photos of other Hertz cars feel it's installed properly. I prefer the fit/look of the Magnaflows, but they really are both nice looking. I'm happy I'm back to stock so that it sounds the way the car is supposed to. If I had seen/heard the video I prepared before taking the time to do the swap I probably would not have bothered until it was necessary. It's a bit of a drag without a ratcheting wrench.


The start of the video is the Magnaflow.

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