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GT350 Exhaust Droop Simple Fix (No Welding)

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A clean and very simple modification for mitigating the notorious exhaust droop on early production 2011 GT350's that do not have the welded cross-support.


Materials required: (1) 1/2" x 1/2" x 16" long square steel tube; (4) band-clamps.


1). Install square tube on top of exhaust elbows (not on forward side where Shelby locates their welded cross-brace).

2). Install two each band clamps at each end of square tube. Position clamp screws on forward side of exhaust elbows so they are not visible from rear of vehicle. Locate one each band clamp adjacent to each end of square tube (around exhaust elbow large diameter section). Locate one each band clamp inboard (near exhaust elbow bend radius around small diameter section). Tighten band clamps securely. Exhaust tip vertical adjustment can be controlled by tightening/loosening inboard band clamps.


Minor adjustment to exhaust tips may be necessary in order to make exhaust tips parallel. Place a small rigid sheet (4" x 4" sheet metal, plastic, etc) on top of exhaust tips. Loosen exhaust elbow clamps and rotate exhaust elbows accordingly until rigid sheet lays flat across both exhaust tips simultaneously. Square tube band clamps may need to be loosened too. Tighten exhaust elbow clamps and band clamps.


That's it, you're done. Your exhuast tips should now be level with the square tube and band clamps not visible. Having the square tube on top of the exhaust elbows is a more efficient structural support vs Shelby's welded cross-brace and is easily removable. Installation takes 10-15 minutes and cost is under $10.

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