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Stock rim/lug pattern and biggest size wheels on 07 SGT?


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So I brought her in to get my tires balanced and was told I have a nail right on the inside border of one of my tires. She's plugged up and holding OK but I'm not comfortable with it so am looking for options. Buy 1 235 and just replace the 1 bad tire, or buy a pair and run 2 tires a little bit wider for a couple seasons before replacing all 4 (I"ve got 23k on them so still a little ways in terms of tread).


First off, what's the largest size tire I can get on these stock rims without rubbing. I'd like them all the same size so I'm hoping 255/45 18's? Anyone have experience with larger size rubbers? Brand preferences? I'm an occasional track guy (2-3 a year max) but she's my DD so preferably softer with less road noise. Traffic in Houston sucks pretty bad.


Also looking for a full sized spare if anyone has one layin around in the garage. Can anyone confirm 18x8.5 and 4.5x5 bolt pattern? Any offset on stocks rims?


Thanks all

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