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SVT Pack/Track Pack OEM Wheels

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Hi all,


I am looking at where to find OEM wheels for my 2014 Shelby GT500. I know many recommend going with aftermarket wheels like the Alcoas or HRE but I am looking for a set of OEM wheels. I have the SVT pack so the wheels are the "Tarnished" - painted sterling grey - set.


I have been unable to find them anywhere so looking for any help I can get.





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Hi Ian. We have a complete set of svtpp wheels off of my 2013 shelby gt500. The wheels are still mounted with the factory tpms. We took them off at 206 miles and they are in excellent condition. Will sell as a complete tire/wheel set or just the set of wheels.


Terry or Perry



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I cant help but think how much it might help selling your wheels if you listed a price guys! Your market opens up considerably when you can reel in the "too good to pass up" crowd.


Moreover, are they BASE wheels or SVTPP wheels? (ALL '13 OEM wheels say "SVT" in the middle.) What about mileage and condition? Pictures?

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Here's a set I have on Ebay with less than 50 miles on them. Complete SVT Performance Package wheels and tires.




direct email Alex@MackenzieMustang.com


Feel free to go through the other take off parts and vehicles I have for sale too



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